Milton High School Orchestra Auditions, 2020-2021 

NOTE: The instructions on this webpage are a little clearer than the ones in the packet, so follow those below:

Violin audition packet

Viola audition packet

Cello audition packet

Bass audition packet

DUE BY 11:59 PM APRIL 1, 2020

Welcome to Milton Orchestra!  We have three performing ensembles that meet as classes: Concert Orchestra (Intermediate- grade III-IV repertoire), Sinfonia (Advanced- grade IV-V repertoire), and Chamber Orchestra (Mastery- grade V-VI repertoire).  

No audition is required for the Concert Orchestra.  All students coming from middle school orchestra are placed there by default until auditions are complete.  Additionally, any student who chooses not to audition will be placed in Concert Orchestra.  

Sinfonia and Chamber Orchestras are audition-only ensembles.  Students in those orchestras must re-audition each year. All students, including those coming from middle school, are encouraged to look at the audition materials and consider auditioning.  Even if you are not placed in a higher level ensemble this year, it helps Mr. Cummings to hear as many rising 9th graders as possible (and auditioning this year cannot hurt your placement in the future).  

Follow these steps:

  1. Look over the audition materials for your instrument and determine your audition type, Sinfonia or Chamber.  Students who audition for Chamber will automatically be considered for Sinfonia if they are not placed in Chamber.  
  2. Go to (or download the app) and enter the flip code: miltonorchestra .  Use dropdown menu to select 2020/2021 Auditions.  Click the giant plus sign to record your video or upload a video already made on your device (I recommend this so that you have a backup in case Flipgrid malfunctions).  Flipgrid assignments are not visible to anyone but Mr. Cummings.  Scales/excerpts should be unedited.  You may trim the beginning/end of the video.
  3. You’ll receive an email confirmation from Flipgrid that you submitted it- keep that for proof that you submitted in case I don’t get it for some reason.
  4. OR upload your audition to Youtube as a public or unlisted video.
  5. Fill out this Google Form:

Please read the following carefully- if the camera angle does not show your full technique, your audition will be invalid.  

Violin & Viola players should be

at an angle to the camera (NOT camera

looking straight down the scroll) and

the entire left hand/arm and

entire right hand and bow stroke

should be visible. The music

stand should be out in front of

you and away from the shot.  

If you are using a phone, a 

horizontal (landscape) mode video

may be best.  


Cello and Double Bass players should

be straight on to the camera, and the 

entire left hand/arm and entire right 

hand and bow stroke should be visible.

This may require that you move the

music stand to your left.

If you are using a phone, a vertical

(portrait) mode video may be best.



Andrew Cummings, Orchestra Director 


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