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No new assignments!  Check your grades and complete any necessary make up work.  Read info below.  I look forward to seeing you at the Virtual Banquet Tuesday, May 12, at 7:30 pm. Links will be sent/posted.


Everyone should be in one of two categories-

1. If you have 6 completed Infinite Campus grades for TeleSchool assignments and are happy with either your March 12 or current grade (whichever is higher), then you are done with the curricular part of orchestra for the year- congrats (and a huge THANK YOU)! I will still be sending out some info about the banquet, voting, leadership positions, instrument check-outs/returns, etc., so don’t totally tune out, please. Remind is my preferred means of communication for that type of thing, so make sure you are signed up (and get notifications that you will actually see).

2. If you have any incomplete Infinite Campus grades for TeleSchool assignments (6 total), then you still have work to do to receive a grade for this class. If you have not completed at least 70% of the TeleSchool assignments for Orchestra by the time grades are due, then I will have no choice but to enter an INCOMPLETE for the semester, regardless of what IC says your grade is. I do not have complete details as to how that would work going forward, but it will save you a tremendous amount of hassle to complete at least 5 orchestra assignments so that you are eligible for your March 12 grade at minimum. Complete one menu item (below) for every assignment you are missing and submit via email, Flipgrid, etc.

Updated Assignments Menu


Earlier TeleSchool Info:

Wednesdays are designated elective days, so I encourage you to get your work done on those days; however, the due dates will be by 11:59 on Fridays to give you a little more practice time.  My TeleSchool “office hours” are Wednesdays from 11-1, but I’ll respond to email throughout the week.

Besides your assignments on Microsoft Teams/Flipgrid (details below), you have opportunities to get non-graded/informal feedback and even “perform” for each other through Flipgrid submissions.  There are also video coaching sessions/sectionals available, and I have been uploading weekly video check-ins.

If you feel you are not receiving at least weekly emails or messages from me, please contact me at .


All assignments can be found and turned in at our guitar Microsoft Teams class- Milton Guitar (all), which also links to Flipgrid for video assignments.  Everyone has already been added to the Team.

Teams troubleshooting:

  1. Make sure you are logging in through ClassLink like this: Logging in to Teams
  2. Follow the launchpad link from those instructions (
  3. Find the Microsoft 365 folder and select Microsoft Teams
  4. Look for our class- Milton Guitar (all)
  5. If that doesn’t help, try the FCS Remote Learning Hotline: