Equipment/Tuxedo Return and Check Out


ALL tuxedos/school-owned concert attire must be returned no later than May 11 as outlined below.  Do not keep tuxes over the summer.  Instruments for returning students may be checked out for summer use IF you fill out the Google form.  Seniors and non-returning students must return all items or face a hold on their grades/diplomas! 

  1. Put your tuxedo on a hanger and cover with a garbage bag if it did not have a garment bag included.  Then follow the directions for return below. 
  2. If you have any school orchestra items, books, or instruments besides a tux, fill out this form and then follow the instructions below if applicable:
  3. If you need to pick up/check out a new item from the room during this time, contact Mr. Cummings in advance.   
  4. Email Mr. Cummings ( if you need to make alternate arrangements to return your items by 5/11.  


Anytime between 12:00 (noon) and 2 pm on Monday, May 11, all students should have these items dropped off in the MHS bus lane near the top of the staircase leading to the orchestra room. 

Pull into the bus lane with your vehicle and when you reach the drop off table, exit your vehicle and place items on the table under the bus canopy.  Follow any additional posted instructions.  

Maintain 6 feet distance from others during the entire process. Wearing your own mask and gloves is preferred.  Observe all other applicable safety precautions, and leave the campus immediately when done.  


Seniors and non-returning students only may, alternatively, utilize the school-wide senior drop off days for this purpose if you would prefer.  Details were sent via email by the school.  You will have to be escorted to the orchestra room by admin to return on this day- make sure you let me know this is what you are doing and that you filled out the form in the Eagle Update with details.