Fulton County Volunteer Registration

Don’t forget to complete the mandatory Fulton County Volunteer Registration. Click here to access the registration form. You will need to watch a 10 minute presentation, and yes there is a Quiz!!

Committee Volunteer Signup

Please sign up for committee volunteer opportunities here


  • Finance / Ways & Means

    * Includes fundraising, getting sponsors and ads, organizing finances, (dues parent donations etc.), Raffle
    * Current Committee Volunteers: Phil Nickerson

  • Events

    * Concert organization, concessions, student banquet, programs (in working with communications) concert attire, decorations, organization of co-performances
    * Current Committee Volunteers: Lillie Mui, Rebecca Nassar, Mamta Upadhyay, Sheila Armstrong, Melissa Gill, Susan Durkin, Lori Garrett, Kelly Hicks, Elke Monahan, Agnes Thongsouk, Dean Chan, Jennifer Lund

  • Trips / Travel

    * Includes non-school events, LGPE, local groups/concerts/strolling strings (parks, farmers markets, etc.) annual trips, middle school recruiting
    * Current Committee Volunteers: Kelly Chandler

  • Communications

    * Photography / Videography, social media, press, emails, forms, working with other committees to get information for weekly updates
    * Current Committee Volunteers: Mary Nickerson, Daphne Najarian, Athi Athimuthu, Daphne Irish, Ally Hayworth, Ramesh Sringeri